I'm Rachel Gadiel - Freelance Writer, Content Stylist and all-round creative-type.

I help lifestyle and wellness brands create authentic, inspiring, relevant and timely content aligned with their mission and values to engage, attract and build their audience into a loyal fanbase.

Why is creating the right kind of content so important?

When you position your brand with content, you allow your brand voice to shine through, authentically.

Increasingly, differentiating yourself online is very much about branding.

Content is branding.

Fresh and relevant content will help you - 

  • Get your business and brand in front of the right people.

  • Support and strengthen your brand mission.

  • Create tangible value for your audience = loyal customers

  • Boost SEO and findability - Google loves fresh, relevant content.

  • Build meaningful connections with your audience.

  • Drive a user-centric culture.

All strong brands have a compelling narrative - my role is to help uncover this and lay the foundation for you to build an unshakable online presence so your dream clients can't help but pay attention.




I began blogging way back in 2009 when I was working full time and needed a creative outlet. Blogging was it for me and I haven't looked back.

Since then, my online presence has evolved and the blogging landscape has changed significantly - but one thing remains the same: the social nature of the web and the ability to build relationships directly with clients and customers alike, presents an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to create an online brand or business.

I fuse together 10 years working in the corporate world of advertising and marketing working for iconic brands including America Express, Nestle, Unilever, Nokia and News Corp; with over 7 years blogging and building a multitude of online spaces to create my own unique brand of Content Styling.

As a self-described multi-passionate, I wear many hats including freelance writer, content stylist, digital strategist and all-round creative-type.

Equally passionate about all of these hats, I use my unique mix of skills to deliver forward thinking solutions for my clients. 

Alongside this, I teach at General Assembly; host the Femme Boss podcast; I'm a certified 200RYT yoga teacher, and currently studying my Life Coaching Certification through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Dreams for Breakfast, my new creative project and podcast will be launching in late 2017.

My work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines including Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and I was named by Mashable as one of their top 20 Pinterest Fashion accounts.


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