3 steps to reduce stress when you're facing overwhelm

You're running at a million miles an hour with a seemingly never ending to do list; you can't relax because you're constantly stressing out; and to top it all off, you're having trouble sleeping because you just can't switch off.

Sound familiar?

This sums up my life in the past few weeks with work, study + blogging…. and has left me feeling completely overwhelmed. I had to take a step back, realising something needed to give, and started drawing some clear boundaries so I could get sanity back.

It's hard when you're working towards a goal to take time out, and it's even harder to say 'no' to people and feel like we can't take something on, even though we really want to. At the same time it's really easy to underestimate the huge toll stress can take on our emotional health and well-being.

When we're stressed out with too many things on our plate, often the first things to go are things like eating well, sleep and exercise.

Thing is, this logic is backwards. When we're stressed and overwhelmed the most important thing we need to do for ourselves is to make sure we're getting enough sleep, eating the right food and exercising daily. Creating a space for these things allows us to perform at our best and if we're not at our best then we're no good to anyone!

I thought I'd share with you 3 steps which have helped me to prioritise my health and getting back to a state of balance + calm that I hope you will find useful too.

# 1. Prioritise what needs to get done. Write down your top 5 priorities in your life right now. Narrowing it down to five may seem like a big ask, but trying to take on any more than this is going to put you in a position where you start compromising your health. When you have to narrow it down to five things, suddenly everything looks a lot more manageable - and in doing so, will allow you to show up + bring all of your energy to everything you need to achieve. Next time that something comes up that is not one of your priorities, it will be it a very easy decision to make.

# 2. Forgive yourself + let go. You can't be everything to everyone and that is ok, it is important to accept this, forgive yourself and surrender to any guilt you may have. Those who love you will understand your position and will want to support you in any way they can. By letting go and surrendering your guilt you are freeing yourself from any, you will create space all that you desire into your life.

# 3. Take time out + reconnect with you. When was the last time you took time out to reconnect with you?  We all need time to recalibrate and recharge and taking time out to nurture yourself will mean you can be your best self and do everything you need to achieve. I've found that when I take time out I feel so much more energised and often come up with a bunch of ideas because I've given myself the space to be inspired. Schedule time in to just 'be' and don't allow yourself to feel guilty for enjoying the moment!

Do you have a habit of saying 'yes' to everything and end up becoming stressed out? What are some of your tips to achieving balance in your life?

Much love, Rachel xx

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