33 lessons learned in life + love


I turned 33 on Sunday and with every year that goes by I get to know myself even better than I did the last. The past year has been a hugely transformative, and looking back from 12 months ago, so much has changed and I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am right now.

So to celebrate I thought I'd put together a list of 33 things I've learned along the way in life + love....

#1. I'm an INFP. Learning this about myself was a complete revelation. For the longest time I thought there was something wrong me with because I don't fit into the extroverted world we live in. I love my alone time and get stuck in my own head a lot, but now I just realise this is what is so wonderful + unique about being me!

#2. Toxic friendships need to be let go of, no matter how long you have been friends or anything that is ‘holding you together’. If someone is zapping the life out of you and constantly bringing negativity into your world, you’re better off without them.

#3. We are constantly learning and evolving – life is a never ending journey and there is no destination.

#4. The Law of Attraction is powerful. What energy you put out into the world will come right back at you. Positivity breeds positivity and conversely, negativity breeds negativity.

#5. There is a purpose for every person you meet. Some are there to test you, some to teach you; and then there are the special ones who are there to bring out the best in you.

#6. Letting go of anger, resentment + bitterness is incredibly freeing. Yep, its easier said than done, but very liberating when you can release the hold they have over you. Holding on to these feelings will only bring you pain.

#7. Live with no regrets. Period. Everything I've done has led me to the path that I am on now. Never think that something was a waste of time - veering off track can sometimes takes you on a glorious adventure, but trust your gut to know when something isn't right for you.

#8. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. I don't have a tonne of friends, but I do have a close circle of good friends who are beautiful, amazing, supportive and generous. I'm very lucky and count my blessings to have crossed paths with likeminded souls.

#9. Being normal gets you nowhere. I'm anything but normal, but I'm completely ok with that!

#10. I'm not perfect. I struggled for a while trying to be perfect and living up to someone else's version of it but it was hugely exhausting. I slip up all the time and make mistakes, but the best thing to do is learn from it, forgive myself + move on.

#11. The first secret of success is believing in yourself; a positive mindset will get you everywhere.

#12. The Magic Bullet was an awesome investment + is one of the best things I've ever bought. I use it everyday to make smoothies, bliss balls, dips, soups, juices. Love it.

#13. I'll take quality over quantity any day.

#14. At the same time, more expensive and a more exclusive brand does not equal better.

#15. A good uncontrollable belly laugh works wonders for the soul.

#16. Running is my natural high.

#17. Don't chase people. Just be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will find their way to you and stay. Some may even return after a long hiatus; welcome them with open arms.

#18. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator and have to constantly push myself to keep motivated all the time. That said, I'm also very good at self-motivating and surround myself with uplifting quotes and words to keep me inspired so I push ahead.

#19. I like writing lists. They help me stay organised + prioritise what I need to get done. When I'm in procrastination mode I usually find writing a list helps! {see point 18}.

#20. Repression leads to depression. Don't hold back because you're afraid of what might be; speak your truth, be honest with yourself + above all follow your bliss!

#21. Time is a great equaliser and all things worth doing take time. Just making small steps each day will lead you to closer to where you need to be than if you did nothing at all.

#22. Blocking out pain through drugs, alcohol, fancy shoes, or any other way, doesn't make it stop or make it go away, it is only delaying the inevitable. The best way to get through pain is to feel your way through it, face it head on and come out the other side. This makes you a far more strong and resilient person than someone constantly trying to escape their problems.

#23. A good haircut can make you feel like a million bucks.

#24. Failure is not fatal, nor is a measure of your self-worth. Pick yourself up and keep going.

#25. Placing expectations on other people is a sure fire way to be unhappy.

#26. Bliss balls = the perfect healthy snack. Fave combo: almonds, sultanas, dates + raw cacao.

#27. Bad things happen to good people. Make the choice to overcome challenges and learn from them the best way you can.

#28. The world is your oyster. We are so damn lucky to be living in the technology age of the internet, a time where women have the freedom to create a life beyond their dreams and where we can travel to any country in the world.

#29. The best way to get to know yourself is to try lots of different things. You will never know whether you will like something until you do it, try it, feel it, live it or breathe it.

#30. We are here to serve others with the gifts and talents we have been blessed with. It is only when we start living a life from this place that somehow things start falling into place as they should.

#31. Listen to your heart and your gut, it knows best.

#32. Don't let fear get the better of you. Let it help guide you to where you need to be.

#33. No matter how hard it gets or how bad it seems, life truly does go on. As the wise CS Lewis said there are far greater things that lie ahead. The future is in our hands and it is our daily thoughts, words and actions that create it. Create something wonderful, a life that you're excited to live: every. single. day.

Much love, Rachel xx

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