4 Steps to manifesting a happy + positive life

I'm reading The Four Agreementsat the moment (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it!) and have been thinking a lot about the first agreement which is being impeccable with your word. I had heard a lot about the Four Agreements before I read it so I knew in essence what each of them were about, but it wasn't until I started reading the book that I fully appreciated the power of our words and what impact they can have on not only our world but the world around us. In fact the other 3 agreements all hinge off this one.

With the power of our words we can choose to create a beautiful life or it can turn our world into a living hell.

When you think about it, everything begins with our word and with it, we have the power to express and communicate what we dream, what we feel and who we are - our world is a manifestation of how we have used our word.

It's when we're not conscious of the power of our words that it can cause the most damage and we end up using it to create 'black magic', for things like gossip or instilling fear and worry.

Why is this so important?

Because our minds are incredibly fertile and when we plant seeds of negativity they begin to manifest and turn into doubt and fear as we start believing these words to be true.

Think about when someone gave you a compliment - it made you feel pretty awesome, right? And now think about the last time someone said something awful to you, whether it was that you weren't good enough; you looked fat; or worse, tried to belittle your dreams. I'm betting that as soon as these words were uttered, feelings of fear and self-doubt began to cloud your judgement and then you started perpetuating these thoughts in your mind, believing them to be true.

Thing is, they are not true at all - it is the power of the word that creates this reality and because our minds are so fertile we believe these words to be true. We become what we believe.

Everyday we have a choice: to use the power of our word for good and to spread joy; or to use them for evil and spread negativity, fear and doubt.

Mindfully choosing to use your word for love, hope and joy will lead to manifesting a harmonious life where your world is a glowing reflection of the positivity surrounding you.

Make these commitments to yourself to manifest a happy + positive life:

#1. Only use your word for the highest good.

#2. Choose not to get caught up in other people's negativity, drama or gossip.

#3. Speak to yourself in a positive way - banish negativity, self-deprecating thoughts and anything that is causing you or others harm.

#4. Spread joy and love wherever you go.

Positivity is contagious - try it.

Much love, Rachel