2 Quick tips to end procrastination + be more productive

Confession time: I'm a big procrastinator. I'm very good at finding an excuse (any will do!) as to why I shouldn't be working on what I actually need to get done. The main distraction culprit is the internet rabbit hole, but I am also known to put off bigger projects in favour of doing smaller tasks that somehow seem easier and less daunting than the ones I know I need to be working on.

Fellow procrastinators, does this sound familiar?

There are a lot of things that have been written about procrastination and how to overcome it - much of the advice centres on making lists and breaking things down into manageable tasks, which completely makes sense - but the thing is, I am the Queen of list writing and often have so many lists on the go I don't even know which one to be focusing on and therefore end up procrastinating - and then it's 'hello, overwhelm, we meet again'!

Do you ever feel the same?

So today I wanted to share two simple strategies I use to overcome procrastination that have helped me become far more productive, so when those bouts of procrastination do crop up, I can easily redirect my attention and get back to what I need to be doing.

Tip #1. The 2 minute rule


The hardest thing is to get started, so I find using the 2 minute rule really effective.

When we keep playing this cycle of putting things off that need to get done, we end up building them up to be far more overwhelming than they actually are. New projects don't get started, to-do lists don't get checked off, all because we create a reality about them in our heads, making them out to be far more onerous than need be.

Enter the 2 minute rule.

Decide to commit to whatever task you need to do for 2 minutes - that's it. Then, once you've started, stretch for another 2 minutes. Chances are once you start, you will want to keep going as you've already started and may even enjoy it!

Tip #2. Honor your future-self.


One of the reasons we procrastinate is because it's easy to. We tell ourselves we have plenty of time, that we can worry about it later and that we'll be ok in the end. All of which are true, but the reality is that this often leads to a lot of unnecessary stress when to comes to the crunch and we end up leaving ourselves with limited time to do what we need to get done.

This is when I find the analogy of our future self really helpful.

We have 3 selves - our past self, our present-self and our future-self. Our present-self is the one we need to motivate so that our future-self is lovingly taken care of.

As much as honouring yourself right now and in this moment is important, it's also imperative to be considerate of your future-self. When we procrastinate, we're being selfish, choosing to completely + utterly disregard our future-self - which is also deserving of our love and attention - it's just easy for it to slip because we're too busy dealing with the here and now.

Next time you notice yourself procrastinating - ask yourself this: am I honouring + taking care of my future-self?

If the answer is no, then use this as motivation to get you to back on track + kicking those goals.

Are you a procrastinator? What are your best tips to beat it?

Rachel xx

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