5 ways ditch the life plan + start living


Ok, I'm getting a bit personal in today's post, but I really I want to open up about my journey and reflect on how dramatically things have changed from 2 years ago. And most importantly I want to share the biggest lesson I've learnt: that it's ok NOT to have a life plan and by that I mean, it's ok not to plan out every detail of your life - months + years in advance.

Life is filled with so many surprises and can be amazing if you let it - but this magic is something I've never fully experienced before, because until recently, I had already planned out every major decision in my life.

From my early 20's I had a pretty definite plan on how my life was supposed to turn out + the time frames in which it needed to happen in - it went roughly something like this….

+ Finish university degree + Find a good job + Get married + Buy a house + Have babies

I got up to the 'get married' part, but when this unexpectedly ended, my world was thrown into chaos and I'd felt like I'd had a rug ripped out from beneath me. Things definitely didn't turn out the way I planned + I had no grounding or safe place to fall.

As shit as this was at the time, it was also a complete blessing in disguise.


Since I made conscious decision to let go of any plan and rather be led by my gut and what I knew would make me happy, life has grown and expanded into something I could only describe as pretty freaking awesome….

In the space of just 6 months I've... + Quit my corporate job + landed my first and subsequent freelancing clients, with no marketing, website or business cards - it has simply been word of mouth. + Launched my first entrepreneurial endeavour - My Nourish Box. + Met my soulmate + fell deeply in love. + Booked a month of travelling + living in US with my love where I'll also be attending two blogging conferences.

Every single one these things involved my taking a risk and stepping outside my little world of comfort.

Over-planning simply means we're scared about giving up control and are instead being driven by a need for certainty of the outcome. This is all well and good in some specific circumstances, but when you're running your entire life like this it's bloody exhausting and you're not allowing things to flow or naturally evolve.


Here are 5 ways to ditch the life plan + start living -

1. Focus on doing what will make you happy. 

Pretty simple really, but its amazing how often we will make decisions based on anything other than what will make us happy. We let ourselves be guided by other people's expectations or feeling obligated to do something, but making decisions based on this is a fools game - no one wins - especially not you! Choose to let YOUR happiness come first.

2. Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Surrender and have faith in yourself that you are strong enough to handle any challenge that will come your way. You don't need all of the answers now; trust they will come when the time is right.

3. Let go of expectations.

Detaching yourself from the outcome of circumstances will give you the freedom to let things naturally evolve. Instead, commit to being fully present in each moment as this is the only part of our life we have any control over.

4. Declare your intentions.

Where your intention goes, your energy flows. Focus on what your over arching intentions are and let them serve as a guide for where you want to be.

5. Realise that there is no such thing as a 'bad', 'wrong' or 'right' decision.

Yep, this is the truth. No matter what choice you make, there is no such thing as a bad, wrong or right decision. It can only be the right decision for you and whatever path you take, you will learn more about yourself, what you want and what you don't want that will only serve in your future decision making. Choose to look at things as an adventure, which really is what life is about!

When was the last time you said 'screw the plan'? How did it turn out?

Rachel xx

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