5 ways to boost your creativity


I used to have this crazy idea that my creativity was something in limited supply and as a result, always tried to preserve it. Because my job is largely creative and involves coming up with ideas all the time, it's often exhausting and I start making myself anxious with the knowledge I keep on having to produce awesome new ideas.

But now more than ever, I'm understanding that the creativity that lies within each of us is like a muscle that needs to be constantly flexed in order for it to grow and expand.

It's only recently I've become much more attuned to flexing my creativity muscle and today wanted to share 5 ways to get your spark back if you've noticed yourself feeling flat and running out of creative steam.


1 . Step away from the computer + get outside. 

Working long and crazy hours all the time is NOT conducive to being creative. Sure, they're required sometimes, but to keep up this kind of pace is really not sustainable. Step away from the computer and take some time off to do something you love.

Allow yourself the space to space to breathe and let ideas grow. You'll be surprised by your renewed sense of energy after a decent break.

2. Read more / Paint more / Take more pictures.

The process of creation involves the art of doing. Want to become a better writer? Read more books. Want to become a better photographer? Take more shots. It's in the action that you learn, grow and expand.

3 . Take yourself out of your routine. Try something new. 

We humans are creatures of habit and like the certainty and familiarity of routine. It's easy to get stuck in a rut where you don't try anything new or break out of the comfortable world you've created. But it's by stepping outside of this little zone of safety you've built that forces rely on yourself, problem solve; look at things in a different light + gain a new perspective - all of which fuel creative ideas to grow.

4 . Do something child like.

Draw; paint; walk through the rain with no shoes on; splash in puddles. Be playful. Laugh. Be silly. Have fun!

5. Surround yourself with creative people.

The people you surround yourself are like a mirror beaming back at you so it makes sense if you want to be more creative to surround yourself with the genius of other creative-types. Creative people think laterally; outside the square and don't limit themselves by their circumstances - exactly the kind of people you should surround yourself if you want to step up your creative game!

Have you ever felt like you've run out of creative steam? What tips do you have on sparking your creativity?

Rachel xx

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