3 simple questions to ask when overwhelmed by choice


It's been a big few weeks with several projects that have come my way, but instead of being excited about these new opportunities, I've felt anxious and stressed with the knowledge that taking on these projects means I'll be spreading myself too thin and won't have enough time to work on the things that are aligned with where I want to ultimately be.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

Being faced with what seems like an abundance of choices and amazing opportunities, it's really hard to say no. We guilt-trip ourselves into thinking we should be doing something for fear of letting other people down; and then there's that constant niggling voice in your head saying "but what if this kind of opportunity doesn't come along again?" - which stems from a place of fear and lack, believing there's not something better in our future.

Here's the thing  - there's always going to be an endless number of choices, but unless we want to burnout and allow ourselves to defined by all of these distractions that come our way, we need to prioritise what we say 'yes' to.

This means consciously creating your life to be in alignment with what brings you feelings of joy, ease and happiness.


 Step up to becoming the conscious creator of your life by asking yourself these these simple questions:

#1. Does it excite your spirit?

Are you genuinely passionate about the opportunity or are you only going along with it to please other people or the fear of saying 'no'?

#2. Is it aligned with your goals and where you're headed?

Be clear about your vision. Map it out, write it down. Where do you want to be one, three and five years from now?

Visualise what your perfect day looks like.

Is the opportunity aligned with this vision?

#3. Does your energy expand or contract?

Notice how your body responds: do you feel calm and at ease or do you start feeling tight and tense?

Dream chaser, you've got goals and plans; don't let yourself be distracted by every shiny opportunity that come your way. Stay focused and committed on what you need to get where you want to be.

Be the conscious creator of your life; give yourself permission to lovingly and graciously say 'no'.

Rachel xo