The secret to getting what you {really} want

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Have you heard how Richard Branson began his Virgin Airlines empire?

I heard the story last week and ever since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about how many barriers we place in front of ourselves that prevent us from going after what we truly want.

The story goes that when Branson and his future wife, Joan, were travelling to Puerto Rico and their flight was cancelled, it left them and hundreds of other passengers stranded at a small island airport.

Branson, ever the opportunist, picked up the phone and tracked down a chartered plane. He divided the cost of the plane by the number of seats, and charged the stranded passengers $39 to rebook their seats.

And with that, Virgin Airlines was born.

So, the secret to getting what you really want?

Go after it; with full gusto.

Life favours those who take action.

Start now.

Quit listening to the excuses you try to convince yourself with {like we all do!} -

+ It's not the right time. + I will wait until after xxx has happened. + When xxx has finished. + When {insert whatever excuse you have}

The secret to getting what you {really} want //
The secret to getting what you {really} want //

After you've finished reading this blog post and closed the browser, I want to challenge you to right now take the first step toward what it is you really, really want.

Do it for 20 minutes.

Want to work for yourself? Make a list of 5 potential clients and reach out to them telling them about your new venture.

Want to write that book? Commit to writing the first chapter. Today.

Start before you're ready; the perfect time will never arrive. It's in the action that the magic happens.

Let me know in the comments what step you’re going to take right now to turn that idea you've had floating around in your head into reality.

Rachel xo

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