The art of un-doing + why less is the new more

The art of un-doing + why less is the new more //
The art of un-doing + why less is the new more //

Is it just me or does life seem to be getting more complicated, over-stimulated and constantly feeling as though we need to do more, while never feeling like we’ve done enough?

Maybe it’s social media, online consumption in general and the constant need to be ‘on’. Maybe it’s got to do with getting older. Or perhaps it’s because there are so many freaking amazing choices out there that it’s getting harder and harder to draw the distinction between what we want vs. what we need: AKA slowing down and finding some balance.

We are constantly filling up our lives and adding things to be done, but never taking anything away.

How can we continue at this rate?

The only conclusion I can draw is that we can’t. At some point, something must give otherwise we’re going to drive ourselves into the ground.

Working in the corporate world I saw this a lot. People spinning wheels; so much busy-ness all the time. But when it came down to it a lot of it was just hot air and not actually creating things with any meaning or value.

Actions weren’t questioned - everything was done without hesitation and not stopping to ask if what we were doing was productive.

It was unintentional living at it’s best and highly unproductive at it’s worst.

And lately I’ve been sensing those same feelings creeping back in.

I’ve realised I cannot be everything to everyone. 

After battling with myself and fearing I was letting people down, I’ve made peace with it. 

And if I’m going to honour myself and what I stand for - which is living wholeheartedly + on-purpose; putting my health + well-being first; and loving those closest to me fully - then I need to take a step back + strip back the layers that have been weighing me down.

I’m calling this the art of un-doing.

The art of un-doing is - 

Raising your level of consciousness.

Practicing mindfulness.

Living and working with intention.

Less busy work.

More goal-kicking.

Less procrastination.

Simplifying processes.

Creating efficiencies.

Being present.

Loving wholeheartedly.

Living joyfully + authentically.

What does it mean for me?

+ Less time on social media and on the computer in general. More time being present in my relationships.

+ Less focus on perfection and more on getting things done.

+ Less consumption. More creation.

+ Saying no more often.

Have you felt this struggle too? 

What can you un-do so you can focus on intentionally creating the life you want?

Much love,

Rachel xo

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