5 quick tips to make good habits stick {+ ditch the ones holding you back}

5 Quick tips to make good habits stick //
5 Quick tips to make good habits stick //

With 2015 around the corner I wanted to spend some time diving into habits, because while your goals will steer you in the right direction, it’s your daily habits that will determine your success.

Bad habits can be deep rooted, and it’s only through replacing those bad habits with a positive behaviour that can help to make the big shift that will ultimately see you kicking your big goals.

So let’s take a look and see the 5 quick ways you can make sure your good habits stick...

1. Write them down.

Writing the new habit down you’re trying to form only strengthens your commitment. When you resolve to committing to something you’re mentally affirming that this is of significance and worthy of your time and effort. Journal it; write it on a post-it and stick it somewhere you can see it and be reminded of everyday, or mark it on your calendar. {hint my ebook has got some great tools that are going to help keep yourself accountable, so stay tuned!}

2. One at a time.

Go easy on yourself and commit to changing one habit at a time. Save yourself the headache of trying to change several at once as this is only going to see you face resistance which means you’ll be less likely to make the habit stick over the long term. If there a number of behaviours you’re trying to shift, why not try starting a new one each week to soften the blow rather than driving yourself crazy with taking on too much at once?

3. Know your triggers.

Being able to identify your triggers is key because once you know this you can use it in your favour to prevent your unwanted behaviour. For example, if you know that you’re always checking your social media on your phone and it's proving a distraction, then remove the apps from your phone so you're automatically creating a barrier for you to ditch this habit. If you have a similar problem on your computer, check out Self Control as you can block specific websites from your computer for a set period of time {this is one of my favourite tools to reduce distractions when I know I need to focus!}.

4. Track your progress + review often.

Have you heard of the Jerry Seinfeld procrastination method? I personally think it’s genius and holds a lot of merit - so much so that I’ve been using recently it to help motivate my own shift in habits. And the best news? It’s super simple. All it relies on you doing is using a printed calendar and crossing each day with a marker pen that you successfully keep the new habit. The trick is to keep the chain of crosses going so as not to break the chain. Genius, right?

5. Reward yourself.

Create weekly + monthly milestones and when you reach these, treat yourself! Whether it’s watching a TV show or indulging in that manicure - making sure you celebrate your wins will only help fuel your motivation. Plus, it’s a pretty good feeling to be able to look back and witness just how far you have come!

What habits are you going to ditch in 2015? What are the good habits you’re going to replace them with?

Much love, Rachel xx

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