10 healthy morning habits to kick-start your day

Do you have a regular morning routine?

There’s a ton of research to support that having a good morning routine can lead to increased productivity. And, because our willpower is highest in the morning, when we start each day strong we give ourselves the best head start possible.

Mornings are the foundation of our day so it makes sense that if we begin the day in a positive, productive mindset the rest of the day will follow suit.

A morning routine is all about establishing good daily habits, committing to them and then reaping the benefits of increased productivity that boosts our overall health and happiness.

Daily habits are powerful - when we establish a habit, it becomes so ingrained in us that the behaviour becomes something we do without thinking with it no longer requiring a significant amount of effort to be done.

My regular morning routine has slipped somewhat over summer, but I'm committed to getting back into good habits so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge for the next month of a regular routine to set me up for a super-charged productive day.

Here are the 10 healthy habits I will be committing to -

  1. Rise at 7am each morning.
  2. Start the day with a glass of warm water + lemon juice. Lemons pack a powerful punch and are a great way to stimulate digestion, boost your metabolism, and improve your skin.
  3. Yoga / exercise for an hour. Morning exercise has never been my thing, but I know how good I feel after yoga so will be using this as motivation to keep me going!
  4. Meditate and intention setting for the day. My favourite app at the moment is Buddhify - it has loads of different meditations depending on your mood and time of day.
  5. Eat a good healthy breakfast. 
  6. Read or watch something that inspires me. 
  7. Repeat positive affirmations.
  8. Write down 5 things I’m grateful for.
  9. Map out my day and make a plan for how I will get things done on my list. 
  10. Start out the day with ‘eating my biggest frog’ - the hardest or most dreaded thing on my to-do list so I get it out of the way.

Being up by 7am every morning is going to be a challenge for me - I normally wake up at 8-8:30am so this is the biggest behavior I need to change.

I’ll be tracking my progress over the next few weeks and keep you updated on Instagram so be sure to follow along!

What does your morning routine look like? Are you game to take the challenge with me to see what impact it has on your productivity?

Rachel x