How to quit your upper limit habit for good

Have you ever been in a situation where things are going really well and you’re achieving a high level success and happiness…... and then suddenly, bam! 

Something bad happens - you get sick, you have an argument with your partner; you start worrying about things that could go wrong or you begin to doubt your success and begin a downward spiral of negativity.

This, my friend is called 'upper limit’ behaviour - and you are not alone!

Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap coined the Upper Limit concept - (I highly recommend reading it!) - and it describes the exact behaviour I've experienced numerous times as I’ve hit my own upper limit + I’m betting you have too!

As you begin to move outside your comfort zone and closer towards your goals it is really common to see upper limiting behaviour show up - but here’s the thing: you may not have even recognised it!

Let’s take a closer look….

What is upper limiting?

Upper limiting is a behavior that you subconsciously partake in when you hit your ‘limit’ on the level you allow yourself to feel happy and successful.

You suddenly begin sabotaging your success by interrupting the flow of good things happening by ruining it with something negative.

Your ‘limit' is what you have conditioned to yourself to believe you deserve and subconsciously, you’re stopping yourself from breaking through the 'glass ceiling’ + taking your life to the next level.

So begins the upper limiting behaviour.

Crazy, right?

The reality is that we each have a limited tolerance for feeling good + begin to unconsciously take ourselves back to our comfort zone when we feel we’ve reached our limit.

How do you break the cycle?

Simply by becoming mindful of your behaviour + increasing your awareness on when you're reaching your upper limit.

When you notice yourself experiencing good things in your life, raise your level of consciousness so you catch your upper limit behaviours before they start playing out.

Gay Hendricks also shares a brilliant mantra in his book that I love -

I expand in success, love + creativity everyday as I inspire others to do the same.

Write this down + have it on repeat so you start training your mind and begin to shift the perceived level of success you’re holding onto.

And once you get good at recognising these behaviours, you’ll begin to expand your level of comfort, allowing more and more abundance and success into your life. 

I'm keen to know: how does your classic 'upper limit' behaviour show up?

To taking your next best step,