6 awesome podcasts to inspire you to Dream Bigger

Podcasts are my new favorite thing.

I love listening to them while I get ready in the morning and find they help with starting the day off on a positive and productive note.

I also love listening to them while I’m cooking or if I’m commuting somewhere - given I did a lot of flying this year, I used to download all of my favorite podcasts and listen to them on the plane - it was brilliant!

I’ve found them to be a great way to get to know my favorite bloggers better, because let’s face it when you hear someone’s voice, it helps makes them that much more relatable and real.

I’ve found myself gravitating towards a select few podcasts that I always check to see if there is a new episode released so I thought I’d share the ones I never miss an episode of.

1. Sarah Jensen  - Rock Your Goals.

I’ve been a fan of Sarah for a long time and love what she is creating with her Rock Your Goals workshop (for which she won the BYCA Workshop of the year award for!) and last year she launched the RYG podcast.

She interviews awesome female bloggers, coaches + entrepreneurs who are doing super cool things and I always walk away from each episode learning something new + wanting to investigate some new tool or explore a pice of advice given.

Favorite episode: Interview with Jaclyn Carlson, CEO + founder of Blog Society (it’s a long one but filled with loads of wisdom!) 

2. RACHAEL KABLE: The Mindful Kind

I discovered Rachael Kable through Sarah Jensen when she interviewed her on Rock Your Goals and being a huge fan of mindfulness, I love how Rach shares her personal journey of mindfulness practices and makes it extremely accessible to anyone who wants to start.

The best part about her podcast is that each episode is only 8-9 minutes which makes them easily digestible when you don’t have a lot of time but want to listen to something inspiring and uplifting.

A couple of favorite episodes are Using Mindfulness to Make Decisions and Using Social Media Mindfully. I also loved the second episode where she opens up about her story and talks about using mindfulness to overcome stress

3. KATHERINE MACKENZIE-SMITH: The League of Extraordinary introverts

Katherine’s podcast is probably my favorite - most likely because being an introvert I just love listening to other introverts share their stories and can definitely relate to every single one of them!

Especially when it comes to blogging + having your own business - there are some things that introverts will definitely notice that we do very differently to our extrovert pals (!)

Favorite episode: the interview with Connie Chapman which is all about tuning into your intuition and learning how to let it guide you in big decisions. 

4. Jess Lively: The Lively Show

I’ve been following Jess’ blog since the beginning (hers was one of the first blogs I ever followed!) so it’s been incredibly inspiring to witness Jess grow and evolve as her business has transformed over the years.

I tune in to her show each week where she interviews a whole range of interesting people that I always love being introduced to, but that are all related back to her main purpose of the show which is to 'add a little extra intention to your everyday’.

She has interviewed both Brene Brown + Elizabeth Gilbert who I’m a big fan of, so definitely check out those episodes, but I also love the interview she did with Alex Ikonn (founder of the 5 Minute Journal + the Productivity Planner).

Jess has a great, conversational style and is always raw and vulnerable in each of her episodes which pretty much just makes me love her even more. 

5. Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income

Pat is the master of the podcast and has even written an epic guide on how to get started with creating your own podcast (which I highly recommend if you want to start!) and he consistently features awesome entrepreneurs to find out how they have created passive incomes through their online business.

Whenever you listen to each episode it makes you literally feel like you’re going behind the scenes and under the bonnet of the interviewee’s business and it’s super insightful.

Look, I will be honest, there are SO many episodes that are incredible but just a handful of favorites worth checking out are:

6. Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness 

I used to tune into into Lewis’ show more regularly but now I tend to only tune in if he has an interesting interview - which he does have loads of!

My favorite episode was where he spoke to one of my inspirations, Lisa Messenger and it was hands down one of the best interviews I’ve listened to - probably because Lisa was so open and honest which I find really refreshing.

Other stand outs - he just recently he interviewed Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington on her latest book: The Science of Sleep + Success - these are definitely worth listening to! 

I’d love to know, what are your favorite podcasts? Which ones do you never miss an episode of?

Rachel x