The most effective way to challenge the instagram shadow ban

I’ve seen so many posts around lately on the so-called Instagram shadow-ban and similar theories as to why some people (myself included) have seen a massive drop in engagement.

My initial reaction was to throw everything at this and experiment with what’s working, what’s not, while trying to figure out how the heck to optimize engagement.

...But on reflection, I thought 'why on earth am I being reactive to Instagram’s clear attempts to monetize their platform and essentially spend my time working out how to hack their algorithm?… 

Mmm, that does not sound like a good use of my time as a solopreneur.

What I realized would be a far smarter strategy, is to focus on creating valuable content on the platform I own and have control over - my blog!

There has been much speculation over whether blogging is still relevant in today’s overcrowded online space. With a plethora of online platforms to choose from and people’s seemingly limited attention span before they flick or scroll to the next post, I questioned the same thing. 

But now more than ever, I think blogging is about to make a serious comeback.

Here’s why...

#1. Your blog is a representation of you and all that your brand stands for.

I liken blogs as being the center of our online universe. And by creating a space that oozes our mission, unique style and personal quirks, we’re inviting our dream clients and readers an opportunity to get to know us on a deeper level and build a relationship with us.

People these days want to connect with a person, not a brand and the best way to put a personal spin on you and your biz is through your blog,

This is the place where people can connect with you, learn about what makes you unique and find out more about you.

Sure, social media still plays a role, but think about this: if you find someone through Instagram, Facebook or any other channel, chances are if you REALLY liked what they had to say, you’d head to their blog to find out more. 

#2. Blogging plays an important role in organic search.

Not super sexy I know, but organic search plays a huge role in findability on the internet. Just taking a quick look at my organic search results, just last month alone it drove a whopping 43% of the overall traffic to my site! 

Google loves fresh content and when it’s robots are scouring the net searching for content to return, it will automatically favour sites that are regularly updated.

Optimising your blog content for organic search needn’t be laborious. Making some intentional and super simple tweaks to how you craft your posts, can help boost your search engine ranking results dramatically.

Anything shared on Instagram or Facebook is not surfaced by Google. Which means if someone is searching for a specific piece of advice that YOU can directly help them with and you’re only using Instagram and Facebook to share your message then you’re missing a lot of opportunities to connect with your dream clients.

Gone are good old days of searching by hashtags to find what you’re looking for.

Things have changed and you need to be thinking about what steps you need to put in place to ensure you and your content are being found by the right people.

#3. Your blog is your space: own it.

Arguably the most important reason why you need to blog: everything you create on your blog you have full ownership and rights to {assuming you own your domain}.

Use your blog as an opportunity to curate, organize and categorize your content in a way that is easy to find and digestible for your readers to consume. By placing your reader at the forefront of your mind when you consider the layout and way you categorize your content, you’re offering them an unparalleled way to fully immerse themselves in your world.

Consider that any other platform you create content on - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter is not owned by you and if one day they decide to change the rules of the game (um, hello Facebook; and hi Instagram!) then you could wind up in a sticky situation.

Don’t give another media owner that much power over your business!